Club Newsletter #5

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Hi everyone! Here’s all the news from the world of anime:
-First, there was apparently some miscommunication between Viz and Cartoon Network regarding the airing of the first Inuyasha movie; the date has now been pushed back to April of 2005 before it appears on the network.
-Several movies based on popular series have been announced in Japan( may take a while to show up in fansub or eventual release domestically, but something to watch out for anyway); these include:
-A live-action/CG Devilman movie- Oct. 9
-a Fullmetal Alchemist movie to be released next year
-a fourth Inuyasha movie to be released in December
-Ragnarok the Animation Movie sometime next year

dates announced for DVD releases:
-Aquarian Age TV series volume 1 – September 14th
-Neo Tokyo (first bilingual American release) – September 14th
-Chrono Crusade volume 1 – September 21st
-My Dear Marie – September 28th
-Nadesico (unedited) Essential Anime edition volume 1
-Banner of the Stars Complete Collection – September 14th
-Love Hina Perfect Collection -September 28th
-Ronin Warriors Complete Collection – September 28th
-Betterman Collection – September 28th
-Samurai Deeper Kyo box set- November
-Berserk box set – November
-Shaman King Vol 1 and 2 – Oct. 19
-Sakura Taisen: Sumire OVA- Oct. 26

Newly released anime:
– Captain Herlock DVD Vol. 04 The Final Voyage
-Demon Lord Dante Vol. 2
-Stratos 4 Vol. 1
-Chobits DVD 3 Pack (Vol. 01-03)
-Geisters DVD Vol. 01 Fractions of the Earth
-Last Exile DVD 3 Pack (Vol. 01-03)
-Rurouni Kenshin DVD Boxset 03 Meiji Era
-X DVD 3 Pack (Vol. 01-03)
-Yu Yu Hakusho DVD Dark Tournament Saga Set Part 01
-Yu-Gi-Oh DVD Vol. 23 Friends ‘Till The End
-.hack//Legend of the Twilight DVD 02
-Big O II DVD Vol. 04
-Fushigi Yugi The Mysterious Play DVD Vol. 01
-Galaxy Angel DVD Vol. 03
-Azumanga Daioh DVD 3 Rivals
-Blue Gender DVD Movie The Warrior
-Kaleido Star DVD Vol. 03
-Neon Genesis Evangelion DVD 01 Platinum Edition
-Saiyuki DVD Vol. 12

Newly released manga:
-Angel Sanctuary Vol. 3
-Full Metal Panic Vol. 5
-Aquarian Age Juvenile Orion Vol. 2
-Battle Royale Graphic Novel Vol. 08
-Battle Vixens Graphic Novel Vol. 03
-Berserk Graphic Novel Vol. 04
-Boys Over Flowers Graphic Novel Vol. 07
-Candidate for Goddess Graphic Novel Vol. 03
-Comic Party Graphic Novel Vol. 02
-D.N.Angel Graphic Novel Vol. 03
-Dragon Knights Graphic Novel Vol. 15
-Dream Saga Graphic Novel Vol. 01
-Fruits Basket Graphic Novel Vol. 04
-One Graphic Novel Vol. 03
-One Piece Graphic Novel Vol. 04
-Rave Graphic Novel Vol. 10
-Rebirth Graphic Novel Vol. 09
-Ruler of the Land Graphic Novel Vol. 03
-Samurai Deeper Kyo Graphic Novel Vol. 08
-Sky Blade Graphic Novel Vol. 02
-Those Who Hunt Elves Graphic Novel Vol. 04
-Those Who Hunt Elves Graphic Novel Vol. 05
-To Heart Graphic Novel Vol. 02
-Tuxedo Gin Graphic Novel Vol. 07
-A.I. Love You Graphic Novel Vol. 04
-Demon Ororon Graphic Novel Vol. 03
-Flame of Recca Graphic Novel Vol. 07
-Get Backers Graphic Novel Vol. 04
-Gravitation Graphic Novel Vol. 07
-Rebound Graphic Novel Vol. 09
-Steel Angel Kurumi Graphic Novel Vol. 06
Ok, that’s about it for now. See you next week!


Meeting report for July 17

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Alas, technical difficulties with the library’s TV/VCR forced us to cancel this meeting, since the VCR devoured the tape Mark brought for us. After a valiant battle between our more technically savvy members and the ravenous mechanical beast, we freed the tape, but since both the VCRs the library has are now broken, we couldn’t watch any of our shows.
Thanks anyway to our members who did make it, Jared, Jimmy, and Robert, and as always to Mark for providing the tape!
Barring complete disaster, our next meeting should go forward as usual on Saturday, July 31 from 1:15 to 3:45 pm, at the library. We’ll be watching the episodes we would have seen at the July 17 meeting:
Naruto #19, Full Metal Alchemist #5, Hikaru no Go #29, Scrapped Princess #17, and Galaxy Angel II #7-8.
See you there!


Report on June 19 meeting

Posted in Meeting Reports at 11:50 am by mark

At the June 19 meeting, as scheduled, we watched Naruto #18, Full Metal Alchemist #4, Hikaru no Go #28, Scrapped Princess #16, and Galaxy Angel II #5-6.

Attendance was pretty light, and in fact besides myself only one new member, Jared (though a different Jared from the May 14 Jared), watched all the episodes.

Next meeting is Saturday, July 17. I will be unable to attend, but Kris will be there and I will drop off a tape with the scheduled episodes.


LAC Newsletter #4

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Hi everyone! Hope you all had a great holiday!
Quite a few anime and manga releases this week, and also plenty of announcements concerning newly licensed titles out there because of Anime Expo! Here we go:

New Releases:
-RahXephon The Movie
-Gungrave Vol. 1
-Sailor Moon S TV Box Set
-Ai Yori Aoshi Vol. 1
-Knight Hunters Eternity Vol. 1
-Di Gi Charat DVD Vol. 02
-Robotech DVD Remastered: Masters Collection 1 Set 4
-Sonic Soldier Borgman DVD OVAs
-Heat Guy J DVD Vol. 07 Revolution
Titles rereleased in discount editions
-Gate Keepers DVD Vol. 04 (Signature Series)
-Sailor Moon S TV DVD Vol. 06 (Signature Series)
-Tenchi Muyo OVA DVD Vol. 04 (Signature Series)
-Tenchi Universe DVD Vol. 04 (Signature Series)
-Trigun DVD Vol. 06 (Signature Series)

-Dragon Ball Z Graphic Novel Vol. 16
-Knights of the Zodiac Graphic Novel Vol. 04
-Nambul: War Stories GN 01 Invasion
-Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind 2nd Ed. GN 05
-Transformers Energon Cine-manga 02 The Ultimate Betrayal
-XXX Holic Graphic Novel Vol. 02
-Excel Saga Graphic Novel Vol. 07
-Mermaid Saga Graphic Novel Vol. 01
-Neon Genesis Evangelion 2nd Edition GN 04
-Please Save My Earth Graphic Novel Vol. 05
-Princess Ai Graphic Novel Vol. 01
-Video Girl Ai Vol.8

As for the licensing:

-Flame of Recca (Viz)
-To Heart (Right Stuf)
-Boys Be…(Right Stuf)
-Asagiri no Miko (Media Blasters)
-Rumiko Takahashi Theater seasons 1 & 2 (Season 2 is Mermaid’s Forest)
-Shin Getta Robo OAV/TV series[Geneon]
-Tenchi Muyo OAV series 3 (Funimation)
-Area 88 TV series (AD Vision)
-Detective Loki Ragnarok (AD vision)
-Gensomaden Saiyuki movie 1(AD Vision)
-Tactics(AD Vision)
-Tree of Palme(AD Vision)
-Yumeria(AD Vision)
-Jungle wa Itsumo Hare Nochi Guu TV series
and its follow-up OAV series Hare Nochi Guu Deluxe(AN Entertainment)

Wow!(gasping for breath)

And now for the manga:
-Yami no Matsuei (Viz)
-DearS (Tokyopop)
-Hyper Police(Tokyopop)
-Lagoon Engine(Tokyopop)
-Blade of Heaven(Tokyopop)
-Gundam Seed Astray R(Tokyopop)
-CLAMP North Side & South Side illustration collection books(Tokyopop)
-Sorcerer Hunters manga re-release in original Japanese right-to-left format.
-CLAMP no Kiseki guidebook/magazine series (Tokyopop)
-Infinite Ryvius (Comics One)

Well, that’s enough to keep anyone busy for a while! Now that you’re probably all drooling in anticipation, you’ll want something to entertain you while you’re waiting for all these titles to actually be released. So, I’ve got anime mp3s for you, lots of ’em, for free! Go check out:


for a terrific archive of songs from a wide variety of series!

That’s all for this week! Have a great weekend and see you soon!


Club Newsletter #3

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Hi everyone,
Hope all of you are getting ready for a fantastic July 4th weekend! Just a reminder, no meeting this week, it’ll be two weeks from this Saturday. No serious club business to report this time around, but at the next meeting, we will be discussing the club policy toward fansubs; depending on the feedback we receive, it may affect how we select shows in the future, so come and voice your opinions!!!

This Saturday is also Free Comic Book Day, so check out what’s going on at your local comic book store(s) and maybe bring a couple of friends along to introduce them to the wonders of comics!

Just a couple of things:
The first Inuyasha movie will be airing on Cartoon Network on Saturday, October 23. Also, on November 6, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex will begin airing on Adult Swim.

MTV2 is apparently having an anime festival of some kind this Saturday, for those who have that channel. I’m not sure what they’ll be airing, except for one title, called Galerians: Rion, a cyberpunk type thing. Check out the press release here: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/pressrelease.php?id=441m

Ah My Goddess fans will be happy to learn that a new series is in the works, which is set after the OAV series and will continue the storyline as laid out in the manga version. It should be released later this year.

No major releases this week, so I’ll sign off. Have a great weekend!