Meeting Report: 2008 Feb 16

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A small meeting on the 16th; only four folks showed up to watch the scheduled episodes of Naruto #86 (in which Naruto receives a gift from Gai and training from Jiraiya), Pumpkin Scissors #18 (wherein Stekkin attempts to cheer up the squad), D.Gray-man #18 (featuring a jealous brother and a hapless Akuma), Bleach #58 (revealing Ichigo’s bankai, Tensa Zangetsu), and Ghost Hunt #18 (in which the SPR crew, and a number of other investigators, begin investigating a very strange house).


Meeting Report: 2008 Jan 19 and 2008 Feb 2

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Nothing out of the ordinary to report for our last couple of meetings, though we did have one new face last Saturday.

On the 19th, we watched the scheduled episodes of Naruto #84 (flashing back to the final hours of the Uchiha clan), Pumpkin Scissors #16 (revealing what the Lieutenant has been carrying in that big case), D.Gray-man #16 (in which Allen and Lenalee depart to help Kanda), Bleach #56 (featuring a fight between Yoruichi and Sui Fong), and Ghost Hunt #16 (wherein Mai tries her hand at some spiritual defense).

Then, on the 2nd, the scheduled episodes were Naruto #85 (wherein Sasuke takes on Itachi), Pumpkin Scissors #17 (concluding the Mione affair), D.Gray-man #17 (wrapping up the story of Vittorio), Bleach #57 (revealing the history between Yoruichi and Sui Fong, and beginning the battle between Ichigo and Kuchiki Byakuya), and Ghost Hunt #17 (in which Naru takes a big risk).