Report on December 19 meeting

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Had about ten folks show up this time! The results of the new series voting were clear: Bleach is the new series. (Samurai Champloo was second.) So, today’s scheduled episodes were Naruto #28, Full Metal Alchemist #12, Hikaru no Go #37, Bleach #1, and Galaxy Angel III #3-4. I tossed in Panda-Z #12 and Sweet Valerian #4.

The next meeting would have been the day after New Year’s, so we’re postponing it until the following weekend: January 9.

Episode summaries follow.
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Report on December 5 meeting

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This was a fairly small meeting — only about five folks other than myself showed up. But I was able to bring the projector, so we had a good show. The regular schedule was slightly modified, since Naruto was a double episode, so we skipped Galaxy Angel this time. Episodes shown were Naruto #26-27, Full Metal Alchemist #11, Hikaru no Go #36, and Scrapped Princess #24 (the final episode).

Episode summaries follow.
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Meeting Reports for Nov. 7 and Nov. 21

Posted in Meeting Reports at 2:32 am by Kris

Hi Everyone,
Our meeting for Nov. 7 was one of our “and now for something completely different” meetings. Mark became very ill and was unable to attend, but his wife was kind enough to bring us a few tapes from his collection so that the meeting could continue. We chose Bubblegum Crisis (the original, not the more recent version) and got to the exciting climax of Ep.1, about 45 minutes in, when the Library’s VCR decided it couldn’t take the tension anymore and promptly lost its picture. WE still had sound, but it isn’t much fun without a picture, so after testing the problem with other tapes, we sadly shut down our shows for the day, but continued to talk and trade manga through the rest of the meeting time.

Thankfully, our technical problems didn’t persist through the next meeting on Nov. 21. Back in the small meeting room, we crammed ourselves around the TV and, while waiting for our tape (Mark was on a business trip) we started watching Ep.2 of Bubblegum Crisis for about 3 minutes. Finally, Mrs. Bradford came through for us again with our scheduled episodes of Naruto, Hikaru no Go, Scrapped Princess and Galaxy Angel. (DUe to a slight mix-up with the tape, the episode of Fullmetal Alchemist was the second part of a 2-part episode instead of the first part, so we skipped the episode rather than break continuity). Everything went very well, overall. Also briefly discussed was the series to replace Scrapped Princess, which is on its second-to-last episode. Thanks!
Episode summaries below:
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