Meeting report: 2006 May 21

Posted in Meeting Reports at 9:43 pm by mark

First meeting I’ve managed to get to in a while! Six people showed up in all, and I was able to show today’s episodes with a projector rather than the monitor. We watched the regularly-scheduled episodes of Naruto #50, Full Metal Alchemist #34, Hikaru no Go #59, Damekko Doubutsu #12, Bleach #23, and Galaxy Angel III #45-46.

After the episodes, Kris opened a discussion as to whether folks are still enjoying the shows, and in general they are. There are three more episodes in this season of Galaxy Angel, so if we want to make a change, that could be a good opportunity. At our current pace, Hikaru no Go and Full Metal Alchemist will both end in approximately 10 months, while Naruto and Bleach are still in production, so we can watch those pretty much as long as we like.

Note that after Memorial Day, the library will be closed on Sundays, so we’ll shift to our summer schedule of every other Saturday — same time. So our next meeting will be Saturday, June 3, at 1:15 PM. See you there!