Meeting Report for Oct. 24, 2004

Posted in Meeting Reports at 11:15 pm by Kris

Today’s meeting had its good points and bad points, but on the whole went very well indeed. Mark, unfortunately, was unable to attend the meeting, so he left us a tape of today’s episodes. This time the VCR worked without a hitch, but our TV looked like someone had zapped it with a shrink ray. The subtitles were often difficult to read, but thankfully everyone decided to stick it out. We also had the largest turnout we’ve ever had at any meeting, close to 20 people! Future meetings will be held in the larger meeting rooms next door if at all possible to accomodate our growing membership. Thanks to all our new attendees and thanks to all of you who’ve encouraged (or dragged) friends to our meetings!

Episodes today included our usual shows: Naruto, Full Metal Alchemist, Hikaru no Go, Scrapped Princess, and Galaxy Angel, as well as our “bonus” shows Panda-Z and Sweet Valerian. Afterward, manga was traded, the marker board was lavishly illustrated, and possible new shows discussed…stay tuned to the forum and the club website for further updates! Thanks!

Episode summaries are found in the ” Extended Entry” below…
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Report on October 10 meeting

Posted in Meeting Reports at 7:05 pm by mark

At the October 10 meeting, as scheduled, we watched Naruto #23, Full Metal Alchemist #9, Hikaru no Go #33, Scrapped Princess #21, and Galaxy Angel II #15-16, plus episodes 9 and 10 of Panda-Z and episode 2 of Sweet Valerian. (Summaries below.)

I will not be present for the October 24 meeting, but I’ve given Kris a tape with the scheduled episodes.
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Manga Borrowing rules

Posted in Club Business at 11:46 pm by Kris

Hi there! Looks like our manga borrowing group is off to a roaring start! To that end, I’m going to post the rules that were proposed over the mailing list last week, just so everyone is clear on the rights and responsibilities here.

1. Members may borrow up to 2(or possibly 3) volumes
at any given time, and must return at least one to its
owner before borrowing another from any member.
2. Volumes must be returned within 2 meetings of when
they were originally borrowed, unless the owner of the
volume allows an extension at their discretion.
3. If the volume is not returned by the specified due
date, the borrowing privilages of the member who
borrowed the book will be suspended until the book is
returned, whereupon privilages will be restored.
4. If the volume in question is not returned by the
second meeting AFTER the one during which the book was
originally due, the member’s viewing privilages with
the club will be suspended until the book is returned.

5. The club will keep a list on file of what books
have been borrowed, from whom, and to whom the book(s)
have been lent. It is the responsibility of the book’s
owner, however, to let a club officer know if these
policies have been violated and that action needs to
be taken.
6. Borrowing is done entirely at the discretion of the
book’s owner, i.e. the book’s owner may decide to
bring a book in to show the other members but is in no
way obligated to lend it out. This applies especially
in the case of rarer materials or artbooks…
7. Apart from the enforcement of these policies, the
club is not responsible for any of the material lent
out, and is not responsible for the content of any of
the volumes. The club also asks that consideration be
made by the book’s owner in regard to its content,
i.e. age-appropriate materials, etc.

There, now it’s official! Several people brought lists of what they’ve got available to the last meeting, which is a great idea. Let me know if you want to post said lists here…
Also, check out the forum over the next couple of days for some new stuff…


Report on September 26 meeting

Posted in Meeting Reports at 4:41 pm by mark

At the September 26 meeting, as scheduled, we watched Naruto #22, Full Metal Alchemist #8, Hikaru no Go #32, Scrapped Princess #20, and Galaxy Angel II #13-14, plus episode 8 of Panda-Z, episode 3 of Dogtato, and the first episode of another short, Sweet Valerian. (Summaries below.)
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