NDK 2004: A view from backstage

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I’ve been going to cons for over 20 years, and working them nearly as long. I started as a grunt, running 16mm projectors, VCRs, and slide projectors, and showing miserable movies to empty rooms, then moved on to helping with sound and lights and video in main events rooms, then finally being in charge. This past spring I changed directions at StarFest, moving to help look after the guest stars, which was a refreshing change. This past weekend, I added a new role as MC of Nan Desu Kan.
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Report on September 12 Meeting

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At the September 12 meeting, as scheduled, we watched Naruto #21, Full Metal Alchemist #7, Hikaru no Go #31, Scrapped Princess #19, and Galaxy Angel II #11-12, plus episodes 6 and 7 of Panda-Z. (Summaries below.)

Next meeting will be Sunday, September 26. Winter meetings will remain on Sundays, as that conflicts less with several members’ extra-curricular activities schedules.
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Report on August 28 meeting

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This was the club’s second anniversary meeting, and we had a pretty decent turnout. Kris brought cake, and other folks brought fried rice and egg rolls, and other tasty goodies. I brought a selection of manga and other texts in Japanese, along with some dictionaries and other language reference material.

As a special treat, rather than the regularly-scheduled episodes, we watched a subtitled version of Miyazaki’s Tonari no Totoro, a true classic. I’d hoped for enough time to show Kiki’s Delivery Service as well, but we got started too late. Then Rob wanted to see something “short and strange” so I obliged him with a couple of odd Flash movies, plus a couple of episodes of Panda-Z, one of Dogtato-kun, and one of Ocha-ken. We wrapped up with an encore performance of episode 25 from the first season of Galaxy Angel, then just hung out chatting for a while.

As they say, a good time was had by all.