Meeting Reports: 2007 Sep 8 and Sep 22

Posted in Meeting Reports at 7:02 pm by mark

I missed last meeting’s report, but it was a fairly standard meeting (though in a nonstandard room), with five people attending. We watched the scheduled episodes of Naruto #76, Pumpkin Scissors #8, D.Gray-man #8, Bleach #47, and Ghost Hunt #8.

Good turnout today — seven folks showed up, three of whom had made it down to NDK last weekend (well, four counting me). We started a few minutes late, but still had time to watch all the scheduled episodes of Naruto #77 (wherein Naruto attempts to summon the Frog Boss, and we see some more of Gaara’s messed-up childhood), Pumpkin Scissors #9 (in which Oreld takes an interest in a troubled woman), D.Gray-man #9 (featuring a town where it’s always the same day), Bleach #48 (checking in on Ichigo’s progress in learning Bankai), and Ghost Hunt #9 (continuing the search for the culprit who’s placing curses around the school).