Meeting Report: 2009 Nov 21

Posted in Meeting Reports at 1:00 pm by mark

A typical Saturday meeting this time around, with the usual die-hard attendees. Fred brought in one of his consoles, using his laptop for the monitor; fortunately I didn’t see him playing “Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker”…

Episodes were the regularly-scheduled Nadesico #4, Naruto #126, D.Gray-man #52 (with a new opening sequence! Kind of looked like a new animation style to me as well), Bleach #97, and Gokusen #3.


Meeting Report: 2009 Nov 7

Posted in Meeting Reports at 9:57 pm by mark

Back to our usual Saturday meeting time today, and we had quite a few folks show up! Leftover Halloween candy was shared by all.

We got a late start today because I managed to leave my laptop at home, but after I dashed home to fetch it we watched Nadesico #3, Naruto #125, D.Gray-man #51, Bleach #96, and Gokusen #2.