Meeting Reports: 2008 Mar 29, Apr 12, May 10

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Sorry for the lack of reports, folks; life’s been particularly hectic lately. Let’s catch up.

March 29 was a pretty typical meeting; we watched the scheduled episodes of Naruto #89 (in which Tsunade confronts Orochimaru), Pumpkin Scissors #21 (wherein events at the ball begin to get out of control), D.Gray-man #21 (revealing something startling about the “villagers” killed by the vampire), Bleach #61 (in which the Shinigami confront Aizen, who makes a dramatic departure), and Ghost Hunt #21 (in which Mai’s nightmare is shown to have a relationship to reality).

April 12’s scheduled episodes were Naruto #90 (in which Tsunade confronts Orochimaru), Pumpkin Scissors #22 (in which the lieutenant fights a duel), D.Gray-man #22 (revealing the history of Eliade and Krory), Bleach #62 (explaining Aizen’s interest in Rukia), and Ghost Hunt #22 (featuring another of Mai’s revelatory dreams).

At this meeting, we also decided that the next two series, replacing the soon-to-end Pumpkin Scissors and Ghost Hunt, will be Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and Dennou Coil.

The April 26 meeting was canceled due to a schedule conflict with the library.

Finally, on May 10, we watched our scheduled episodes: Naruto #91 (in which Shizune reveals Tsunade’s history to Naruto), Pumpkin Scissors #23 (revealing the conclusion of the duel… but not of the events at the ball), D.Gray-man #23 (wherein Krory defeats Eliade and decides to join the Exorcists), the double-length special Bleach #63 (the first half of which is a recap episode, the second half of which shows our friends’ return from Soul Society), and Ghost Hunt #23 (in which Naru lies in a coma while the rest of the team continues the investigation). Kris was unable to attend… but Fred actually showed up!

Be advised that the next meeting will be delayed to Saturday, May 31! Stay tuned to the e-mail list for details.