Report on July 31 and August 14 meetings

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At the July 31 meeting, Naruto #19, Full Metal Alchemist #5, Hikaru no Go #29, Scrapped Princess #17, and Galaxy Angel II #7-8 were shown as scheduled. I also snuck in the first episodes of Panda-Z and Dogtato, two more short (5-minute) series I’ve come across. We had a few new members at this meeting, which was nice.

The August 14 meeting was held earlier than usual, at 11:00. For a change I thought to take notes, so I can include some episode summaries. We watched Naruto #20, Full Metal Alchemist #6, Hikaru no Go #30, Scrapped Princess #18, and Galaxy Angel II #9-10, plus the second and third episodes of Panda-Z.

Episode summaries below.
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Newsletter # 6

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Hi Everyone! Just a few things in this installment of the Club newsletter…
1. Our next meeting is this Saturday, August 14 at the Library as usual, but at a slightly earlier time, from 11am -1:30pm instead of the usual time. Hope you all can make it!!!

2. Since I know a number of you have been interested in going to Nan Desu Kan, the annual anime convention in Denver, taking place Sept. 17-19, I wanted to let you know that discount advance tickets are still available until August 22. That’s $40 for the full weekend (after the 22nd, prices go up to $45 for the full weekend at the door) For those attending only 1 day, prices are $15 for Friday only, and $25 for Saturday/Sunday (again, only at the door, no 1-day tickets are available for pre-registration) The earlier in the year you register, or even register at this year’s con for next year, the cheaper tickets are, so that’s something to keep in mind. I’m still checking as to whether discount tickets are available to groups like the Club, let you know when I find out more.

YAY! At the meeting after next, on August 28, the LAC will be celebrating its second anniversary!!! We’d like to have a little party to celebrate the occasion, so bring some soda or snacks to share, and don’t forget to put on your wildest and wackiest anime-inspired wear (furry ears welcome!), t-shirt from your favorite show, etc. for the club photo!

As part of the celebration for the Club’s anniversary, it would be fun, in addition to a party at the meeting, to possibly go out for an informal dinner or lunch as a group. Obviously this would be voluntary and everyone would be responsible for their own transportation, meal, etc., but it would be great to just go and have a good time at one of Longmont’s Japanese restaurants (or someplace else, if the group prefers) Does this idea appeal to everyone? If so, what day and time would be best? Also, which restaurant? Ichiban has excellent food (including vegetarian options), fairly reasonable prices, and a casual atmosphere. I’ve never been to Sakura; is anyone else familiar with them and could give us some more info? or does everyone prefer someplace else? Let us know either via e-mail or the comments here on the club website. I’ll also mention this at the meetings so we can discuss further!

Well, that’s just about everything. See you at the meeting!