Meeting report for May 15, 2005

Posted in Meeting Reports at 9:50 pm by Kris

Our meeting schedule has been a bit erratic recently due to various events and conflicts, so thank you all for bearing with us here. The meeting that was supposed to take place May 1st was pre-empted by the Library’s annual book sale that took over our meeting space; that weekend was also the weekend of Starfest, the big sci-fi convention in Denver. Mark and several of our other members were able to attend the con and a good time was had by all.
Thus, our next meeting took place on May 15th. Mark had a NDK organizational meeting to attend and kindly provided a tape of the regular eps. I also brought a few shows from my personal collection to choose from if a little variety was desired, including the first volumes of Last Exile, DNAngel, and Peacemaker Kurogane. Jessie, one of our new members, brought her collection of yaoi and shonen-ai shows, including FAKE and Gravitation, as well, so we had a number of interesting options…
After some debate among the lively crew (close to 15 people this time around), Peacemaker Kurogane was duly nominated and we popped in the DVD. After finishing the first four episodes, we still had some time left for one more show, so we popped in Mark’s tape to watch the latest ep. of Galaxy Angel, whereupon the VCR’s picture promptly died, which was exceedingly odd since we had tested it at the beginning of the meeting and it had worked perfectly well. Sound but no picture is interesting but not particularly helpful, so we extricated the tape successfully and voted again. This time the consensus was for Gravitation ::insert chorus of fangirlish squeaks of delight here:: We were able to finish the first episode before the meeting ended; many members lingered afterward to talk. A different sort of meeting but satisfying nonetheless.
After the meeting, I went and paid a visit to Stonebridge Games, just a couple blocks from the library. A very nice little shop with plenty of stuff to interest the gamers among us, and the anime fans as well. The shop’s owner, as it turns out, is very interested in bringing in more anime and manga related items, and also in renting out anime DVDs. We’re also making arrangements for a club discount at the shop! More info coming soon!
Due to the Memorial Day weekend, the library will be closed, which means no meeting over that weekend. Subsequent meetings over the summer will be on Saturdays, not Sundays, since the Library is closed on Sundays as well through the warmer months. We are also planning another one of our little lunch/dinner things over the next couple of weeks; stay tuned for details!!!
– Kris