Meeting Report: 2007 Dec 15

Posted in Meeting Reports at 10:02 am by mark

Back to a much more typical meeting this time around. Five folks made it, and we ate corn chips and watched the scheduled episodes of Naruto #82 (in which Kakashi and company encounter some strange visiting ninja), Pumpkin Scissors #14 (wherein our heroes attempt to relocate some refugees living in the sewers), D.Gray-man #14(beginning some adventures in the snow), Bleach #54 (in which Ichigo shows up in the nick of time), and Ghost Hunt #14 (starting a new investigation into a haunted high school).

The next meeting would be scheduled for the 29th, but the library will likely be closed this day, so chances are that we won’t meet again until the New Year. Stay tuned to the e-mail list for details, and have a wonderful holiday!


Meeting Report: Dec. 1, 2007

Posted in Meeting Reports at 9:39 pm by Kris

Our latest meeting went a little differently than originally planned; Mark was scheduled to be on a business trip during the meeting, and was kind enough to make a tape of the usual episodes in advance. However, as the best-laid plans oft go awry, I was unable to pick up the tape in time, so we had to spring for another option.While we had a relatively small group (4 in all), we did have one new attendee join us. After offering a variety of options both new and old, including Saiyuki, D.N. Angel, Last Exile, and even The Nightmare Before Christmas, we settled on eps. 1-4 of Peacemaker Kurogane. Apparently it was a real hit, and a continuation may be in the works as part of our next group of series when we finish up some of the current ones in the spring. We also discussed (over chips and candy) the possibility of more frequent meetings and get-togethers. Thanks to all who attended!!