Meeting Report: 2008 Mar 1 and 2008 Mar 15

Posted in Meeting Reports at 11:43 am by mark

Been busy again, so here’s a double report to catch up on the last two meetings.On the 1st, we watched the scheduled episodes of Naruto #87 (in which Naruto advances to the next stage of his training, while Jiraiya “gathers information”), Pumpkin Scissors #19 (following the Lieutenant to a formal ball while the squad distributes food), D.Gray-man #19 (wherein Allen and Lavi investigate reports of a vampire preying on a village), Bleach #59 (concluding the fight between Ichigo and Kuchiki Byakuya), and Ghost Hunt #19 (in which another investigator disappears, and Mai has a terrifying nightmare).

Today, Kris was able to make it to the meeting, and she brought green-frosted cupcakes! The scheduled episodes were Naruto #88 (in which Naruto again trains hard, while Jiraiya and Orochimaru both close in on Tsunade’s location), Pumpkin Scissors #20 (revealing more about Marquis Paul’s embezzlement and the events at the formal ball), D.Gray-man #20 (featuring the reluctant vampire Krory [Crowley?]), Bleach #60 (revealing the true fates of Captain Aizen and the Council of Forty-Six), and Ghost Hunt #20 (in which we learn more about “Urado” and the likely source of the house’s hauntings).