Meeting Report: 2005 Nov 20

Posted in Meeting Reports at 10:25 pm by mark

Today we had a pretty standard meeting. My projector decided to behave today, so we watched the regularly scheduled episodes of Naruto #44, Full Metal Alchemist #28, Panda-Z #27, Hikaru no Go #53, Damekko Doubutsu #6, Bleach #17, and Galaxy Angel III #33-34. A total of ten people showed up.


Meeting Report: 2005 Nov 6

Posted in Meeting Reports at 5:13 pm by mark

Things were a bit dicey today, as my data projector refused to talk to my laptop (despite seeming to operate correctly otherwise). So I zipped home and came back with an SVHS cable so I could display on the library’s monitor. Due to the late start, we only watched Naruto #43, Full Metal Alchemist #27, Hikaru no Go #52, and Bleach #16. About ten folks were in attendance today, including a couple of new faces!