Meeting Report: 2008 July 5

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Definitely what you’d call a lean and mean meeting today — it was just me and Kris. Nevertheless, we watched the scheduled episodes of Naruto #95-96 (a double episode, following an epic battle among Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Orochimaru to its conclusion), Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann #3 (in which Simon and Kamina encounter a new enemy, and discover a new ability), Chi’s Sweet Home #3, D.Gray-man #27 (revealing much of Allen’s history with General Cross), Bleach #67 (taking the puzzle battle to our heroes’ school, where they win another round — but have another friend to rescue), and Dennou Coil #2 (wherein Yuko, nicknamed Yasako, gets to know Fumie, and they enlist the aid of Yasako’s grandmother to cure Densuke the cyberdog).

Hope to see you in two weeks!


Meeting Reports: 2008 June 7 and June 21

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Once again, apologies for the delay — here’s a double report to cover the last two meetings, which saw the introduction of our two new series.

June 7 we took in Naruto #93 (in which Orochimaru and Kabuto engage in combat with Tsunade and Shizune, who are then joined by Jiraiya and Naruto), Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann #1 (wherein we meet Simon, a driller, and his older friend Kamina, who discover a strange artifact, then defend their subterranean village against an invader from the surface), D.Gray-man #25 (following Allen on a mission to contact General Yeegar), Bleach #65 (in which our friends are sent on a wild goose chase, and are shown to have three antagonists named Cloud, Nova, and Rin Rin, who kidnap Chad), and Ghost Hunt #25 (the final episode, revealing Ayako’s true strength, and showing the final purification of the haunted shrine). I also tossed in episode 1 of Chi’s Sweet Home, one of the cute little three-minute series that come out from time to time, this one following a kitten who gets separated from his mother.

On June 21, we watched the scheduled episodes of Naruto #94 (following the escalating battle), Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann #2 (in which Simon and Kamina find themselves on the surface with their new friend Yoko, and some more fighting to do), Chi’s Sweet Home #2, D.Gray-man #26 (wherein General Yeegar takes on the Millennium Earl, and gets the bad end of the bargain), Bleach #66 (concerning another puzzle-chase through an empty museum, resulting in Chad and Orihime’s return), and Dennou Coil #1 (introducing Okonogi Yuko, her younger sister Kyoko, and their cyberdog Densuke, in a not-too-distant future of ubiquitous wearable computing).