Meeting report: May 31, 2008

Posted in Meeting Reports at 3:04 pm by Kris

Due to an unexpected wedding celebration, Mark’s appearance was a short one this time around; as always, though, he was kind enough to make a tape of this week’s scheduled episodes (Thanks!!). After some fiddling around with the TV cables, we finally had a watchable picture and continued without further ado.
The eps this time around were: Naruto #92 (in which Tsunade considers Orochimaru’s offer, Naruto trains, and Jiraiya investigates…no, I mean really, he does investigate), Pumpkin Scissors #24 (which concludes the series in a somewhat satisfactory manner), D. Gray-man #24 (in which Krory and the group return to Order Headquarters, where the usual insanity ensues), Bleach #64 (in which Ichigo and company attempt to return to their usual [and I do mean the term loosely] routines, but Hollows and unexpected visitors from Soul Society manage to interrupt), and Ghost Hunt #24 (in which all hell essentially breaks loose).
Thanks to all who attended (and thanks to Rei for the Oreos :) !
Our next meeting is this Saturday, June 7, offset slightly due to scheduling issues, where we’ll be premiering Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann! Stay tuned to the mailing list for more!