Meeting Reports: 2007 Oct 6 and 2007 Oct 20

Posted in Meeting Reports at 10:56 am by mark

Once again I’ve been slacking off on reports, so here are the last two meetings.

There were half a dozen folks at the meeting on the 6th. We watched the scheduled episodes of Naruto #78 (in which the fight between Gaara and Naruto heats up, and Naruto gets a little help), Pumpkin Scissors #10 (looking back at the formation of Section III), D.Gray-man #10 (giving some information on Miranda’s history), Bleach #49 (wherein Rukia reviews some events of the past), and Ghost Hunt #10 (concluding the investigation into the haunted school).

On the 20th, there were five of us; Kris brought along some Halloween candy, since this was our last meeting before Trick-Or-Treat time. We considered watching one of Tim Burton’s animated movies, but settled on the scheduled episodes of Naruto #79 (featuring Konoha’s counterattack), Pumpkin Scissors #11 (in which some newspaper coverage for Section III has unfortunate side effects), D.Gray-man #11 (wherein Miranda finally gets a little gratitude), Bleach #50 (providing a peek at what’s going on with Don Kan’onji and friends back in the real world), and Ghost Hunt #11 (a ghost story in a park).