Meeting Report for June 25, 2005

Posted in Meeting Reports at 10:12 pm by Kris

Saturday’s meeting was a “Choose-your-Own-Adventure”-type event; several members brought stacks of DVDs to choose from this time around, so we opted to sample some other licensed shows and save the regularly scheduled episodes that Mark taped for us for our next meeting. With choices ranging from the action-packed to the dramatic to the just plain bizarre, we decided to start out with the first 2 (dubbed) episodes of FLCL, thanks to Angela. No further comment necessary, or possible, for that matter.

After that, we chose to switch gears a bit and ended up with the first four eps. of Final Fantasy Unlimited(also dubbed), courtesy of Fred, one of our newer members who was kind enough to bring his extensive collection for us. Very interesting stuff (but can’t comment further without revealing my almost total ignorance of the Final Fantasy games, etc) ::now hiding under table from rabid FF fans::

We went a little bit over our scheduled session, but everyone had a blast, and several members hung out afterward to trade manga and talk. Thanks to all who attended, to Jessie, Fred and Angela for sharing their DVDs with us, and to Mark for making the tape for us as well. Next time we should be back to our regular eps of Naruto, FMA, Hikaru no Go, Bleach, and Galaxy Angel, and we hope to see you all there!!!


Report on June 11 meeting

Posted in Meeting Reports at 7:53 pm by mark

June 11 was our first Saturday meeting for the summer. It was well attended, with 15 or so people, including a few new faces.

Since last meeting was an off-the-cuff affair, this time we watched the regularly-scheduled episodes, namely Naruto #37, Full Metal Alchemist #21, Panda-Z #21, Hikaru no Go #46, Dogtato-kun #6 (which wrapped up the plot from #5), Bleach #10, and Galaxy Angel III #21-22.

The next meeting is scheduled for June 25. Once again I will be unable to attend (as I will be in New Mexico testing for a black belt in Tae Kwon Do), but as usual, I will get a tape to Kris.