Report catch-up: 2005 Aug 6 and 2005 Sep 10

Posted in Meeting Reports at 11:46 am by mark

I’m behind the times here — I never reported on the August 6 meeting, where we watched the regularly-scheduled episodes of: Naruto #40, Full Metal Alchemist #24, Panda-Z #24, Hikaru no Go #49, Damekko Doubutsu #3, Bleach #13, and Galaxy Angel III #27-28.

September 10 we had our third anniversary meeting, with a record attendance of 19 people! (Folks show up when you offer them free pizza — who knew?) Amongst much conversation, we watched the first four episodes of Fushigi Yuugi, provided by Kris.

Today (September 25) is our first Sunday meeting for the school year; stay tuned for a report!