Meeting Reports: 2009 Dec 5 and 2009 Dec 19

Posted in Meeting Reports at 10:34 pm by mark

On December 5, we watched the regularly-scheduled episodes of Nadesico #5, the double-length Naruto #127-#128, D.Gray-man #53, Bleach #98, and Gokusen #4.

On December 19, we started with Nadesico #6, but since I couldn’t find the disc with Naruto #129 on it, we watched episode 2 of The Daughter of Twenty Faces instead, then continued with D.Gray-man #54, Bleach #99, and Gokusen #5.

The following meeting would have been on Jan 2, but the library was closed, and it was booked for Jan 16, so we’re meeting Jan 17 instead at the usual time.