Meeting reports for Feb. 28, Mar. 15 and 28th, 2009

Posted in Meeting Reports at 12:53 pm by Kris

Hi all!!! On Feb. 28, we watched our usual shows, including Naruto #112,Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann # 18, D. Gray-man #42, Bleach #86, and Dennou Coil #16. Mark will have to fill in any additional info for this meeting in a subsequent note since I was unavoidably absent for that meeting.

The next meeting after that was shifted to March 15 due to a scheduling issue with the Library; however, we gained the benefit of one of the larger rooms to spread out in. We watched the scheduled episodes, which included Naruto #113, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann # 19, D. Gray-man #43, Bleach #87, and Dennou Coil #17 , and enjoyed clementines, “cookies n’ cream” chocolate bars, and Mike and Ike candies; making anyone hungry yet? ;)

We decided to try something new and unprecedented for the Mar. 28 meeting; since Mark was unable to attend, we decided to substitute for our regular episodes…with video games! In the first of what will likely be many “Gaming Day”-s to come, several of our members brought in video games and systems both old and new, and soon our small room was filled with the sounds of button-mashing and electronic music. From anime-and-Japanese-themed games to puzzling adventures, we had it all and we all had a wonderful time!! Thanks to all who brought games and systems, food, and helped us carry everything in and out, and a thank you to the Library for the extra equipment they let us use and for their patience while we tried to transfer everything!!! Next time we’ll be back to our regular episodes…