Reminder: no meeting this week

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Hi all,
Just a reminder: due to Starfest this Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the club’s meeting for this week has been cancelled. Next meeting should be around May 5; stay tuned for details!
Have a great weekend!


Meeting Report: 2007 April 7

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Today’s meeting was again small, with only four total attendees. We watched the scheduled episodes of Naruto #68, Full Metal Alchemist #50 and #51, Hikaru no Go #75, and Bleach #39 — thereby wrapping up FMA and HikaGo.

After some discussion, we took a vote on what to watch next. Of the dozen-odd titles we discussed, each of us ranked four in order from most to least desirable. Only four shows received votes from more than one person, and we resolved the third-place tie by the time-honored flip of a coin, resulting in these choices: Pumpkin Scissors, D.Gray-man, and Ghost Hunt. These series will commence at the May 5 meeting (April 21 will be skipped due to StarFest).


meeting annc.

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Hi all,
our next club meeting is this Saturday, April 7th, from 1:15 to 3:45.
The other April meeting has been cancelled due to a scheduling conflict with Starfest, the annual sci-fi convention in Denver, on April 20-22, in which Mark (our VP, media god, and all-around cool guy) is heavily involved. They have several anime-themed activities available there as well, so those suffering from anime withdrawal would be well advised to attend ;)
Check out their website for more:
Hope to see you there!!!